White, Not Quite White

The scent of the smoke had been in the room. Involuntarily curled fingers to the palm, breath held registered it long before my brain. I followed it through the rooms. Inhaling. Curious. No one had been there.

Tongue and lips too, cooperatively curved forward towards the shape that wasn’t there.

Sigh. The drawer, the box, the scent, the foil, the stick. The letters on the cigarette are not always red. This one was. A habit long departed easily revived. There wasn’t a match in the place. Coil of the electric stovetop burner on high had to do. Smoke is the spirit. Smoke is the dragon. Ingest the dragon.

My eye caught the not quite white sheet on the bed lay in folds dipping towards the floor. The light came thru the window at an afternoon angle common and familiar. The purity of it made for indelible image. You materialized, though you weren’t there.

Watching you sleep was a burden and a pleasure. The dragon tamed, the smoke escaped lungs from lips or nostrils as preferred.

In real life it wasn’t like this. Such spaces weren’t occupied at will. This illustrated a pivot of both comfort and pain in a breath.

The secret visited me without warning or discretion.

This secret about you, that was unknown to you. Somehow it wasn’t mine, and it wasn’t yours. I always experience it as for me. Lingua de senza. The language without a tongue could pass between us. A healing that focusing directionless exchanges.

That day, as you lay in bed, the light was both yellow and white. Your bare skin emanated both brown and a rosy tone, so clear in that light quality. An edgy readiness I always admired.

It’s not a day like today.

I never completely understand what draws this memory forward to my awareness. If it speaks of truths or fiction.

The not white, quite white Egyptian cotton sheet thickly falling in folds tucking itself about your waist. One hand behind your head, one on your chest. Your breathing rose and fell. Marked by the onset of engagement of your complete deep sleep, so it began.

A thin line grey line would rise, with no obvious origin. At a point well above your head, yet still connected to you, a hovering circle would form. No matter which direction your head lay, the circle would rotate level and evenly in a clockwise fashion. At first, like disk or a plate. Then shapes, would begin to form.

Sometimes this would stop and start with sputtering interruptions of the circle. Like an old fashioned typewriter, letters would break away in puffs. The circle would thin to a ring and would stay steady.

Squinting never helped. Really, nothing made it clearer. It had it’s own timetable.

It always looked like smoke to me. The invitation, ancient heritage driven rite of passage.

If you were awake, you’d pull the plug on my interpretation as flatly wrong if not ridiculous guesses. Mostly citing the fact, I also am not quite white, not accepted as other than white, and in that it would not be accessible to me. Not part of the club.

Yet you are not awake, and never wake to this. Not conscious to the secret.

I first turn the lit cigarette again in my fingers, rubbing the filtered tip with my thumb, indenting it with my nail. My tongue searches my lips through the taste of tobacco. I hit the cigarette again. Ingest the dragon/spirit in remembrance. My eyes turn up again from my lap to the light, but don’t focus. There’s nothing I can do to better see this.

The thin grey smokey circle that came that day from you would form shapes, then letters.

Smiling to myself in quiet recognition this cycle will complete itself without any aid or questions from me……. it comes again. This frustration, this intrusion.

Lingua de senza. Not on your tongue. Not of your tongue. Language not of the tongue. Sign language.

” I do love you”, the letters said.

This frustration. This intrusion. This gift.


Salt and Vinegar: The Unfounding Project Part 2; Session ONE; Rape Response Baseline

I am a big fan of the NPR radio program 1A which hosted a show on how a couple of US communities had responded to errors in rape kit response. The show aired on December 5th, 2018 and was literally on just prior to the President George Bush funeral. https://www.npr.org/2018/12/05/673795500/why-did-police-departments-throw-out-rape-kits

This is a POWERPOINT for this information below, which allows for it to be shared online as a FREE CLASS or training or shown to a group. YOU will have to copy and paste this link into the UPPER BROWSER on your computer. I have had some problems with this, I am sorry about that.
C:\Users\dianm\Documents\ONE Salt and Vinegar.pptx

So, it was a pretty good show. And I learned a couple of things. I also, as usual had a few thoughts on the subject, some of which I posted as the program aired.

I then pulled out my trusty index cards and SHARPIE pen and began writing other thoughts and the thoughts became so numerous that I finally set them aside. You might be interested to know those cards were OVERSIZED index cards………………. and there were uhm…….a lot of them.

Then, I got a POWERPOINT program in my Christmas………………….. LOL.

Which made it all look so corporate and professional, and still there were 91 slides. That is quite a few slides.

So I set it aside again. And then picked it up only to find it had 115 slides. And it appears this all simply will need to be broken down somehow.

This is the first installment. I don’t know how many installments there will be. In this installment I am providing the radio show as linked above.

And I am going to assume that you the viewer have already seen some of my prior installments on issues of human violence, human rights and the problems of #Unfounding.

Before I use the radio show as a resource to knit forward things that have been brought to my attention regarding fails in general in human violence and sexual assault response.

First, it’s my understanding that conceptual failures spring from the community based human rights refusal of the belief that your body is your body. That is derived from Catharine Mackinnon who is a human rights lawyer from a famous position paper she wrote in 1987. This is the first overhang of power and control.

Second, I think Kenneth Lanning, a retired FBI behavioral specialist has a truth in hand when he says that policy fails on sexual assault are typically driven by one of THREE problems: Desire for political power, religion in politics and money.

Third, I think those problems rest in human rights violations nestled in the problems of Unfounding, Witness Debunking, New Jim Crow, Institutional Insularity, Institutional Insufficiency, Failure to comprehend Trauma, Torture, Human Violence and I am sure much more. I’ve had a large number of things and people that have influenced this list, and surely more things could be added to it. I’ve both cited and thanked them in other writing.

Then, I tried to think of what the 1A program was saying about what brings failed rape response processes to the table, and drew out this sketch of “stuff”. So FOURTH I’ll repeat refrain that came to mind as I listened and after, is that internal and external audits frequently miss the problem of one step beyond. Those things that are within reach of an investigator or auditor but rules in place are applied in inflexibility and in that there are compound errors or domino errors which keep health, safety, justice and human rights out of reach.

Then, FIFTH I went back to my own persistent belief that Dr. Sam Vaknin gave me some language for:

I.) Rape is an act of human violence

II.) Human violence in reality first causes infractions against wellness and personal balance in life, problems of health, or public health. It falls in the domain of injury, so it is FIRST an issue of public health, in the domain of services and government.

III.) Unsolved or poorly solved problems of human violence generate portals of public health menace

IV.) Public Health officials have a variety of training regarding response to injury. Public Health plans based upon immediate and long term data collection, sharing of information, planning and executing best practices and developing corresponding protocols, policy, custom and law where the round table can the be enlisted to care for the fall out of human violence. Sure seems like public health should be going ‘first’ in the series of critical pathway authority and audits.

With all of this in mind, at what point will decision makers identify truths which are self-evident in processes over time, and then fund and make policy, law and services which reflect this. When will what is identified as important, be held as important and paths of response be routed based on that knowledge?

One of the current fails is the administrative structures needed FIRST in this response are held by law enforcement which frequently admits to being overwhelmed by the prospect of needs they are ask to respond to.

The goal is not to eliminate players, but to reorder conceptualization and structures in order to better capture what MUST be dealt with, while not forgetting what we’d like to see dealt with.

Victims, witnesses, responders and community are affected under public health standards when human violence happens and frequently don’t find aid for even that when they ask.

People aren’t going to like this, but it’s imperative to know that systems currently in place that over respond to human violence in current errors don’t serve the victim, but also generate errors for the accused or even clearly defined perpetrator.

IF you buy in to the supposed unsolvability we host as a WORLD on the problem of human violence, albeit rape or other issues……….. maybe today you need to get a grip. Thinking this is unsolvabe is FALLACY.

I also believe that clicking the switch “on” for human rights and your body is your body and then clicking the switch “off” in the actual policy, custom and law is an infraction against the truth and sets up fails again and again.

If you ONLY measured the errors of rape response against any of the five things, would change if not solution for THIS or even other issues of human violence be more imminent and effective in prevention and response for all involved?


What else can Oklahoma City do to improve situations at the Jailhouse?

The Oklahoma City, Oklahoma County jail as topic, has been granted a public forum to review concerns regarding the jail and related processes, which will be a Citizen’s Advisory Board. This is the first such board in 130 years there has been a jail in OKC.

THIS is a link that must be cut and pasted into the UPPER BROWSER< but is free to use and share as community education online or in person. C:\Users\dianm\Documents\Oklahoma City Jailhouse Citizens Review Board.pptx

The jailhouse has been under federal scrutiny regarding civil rights violations, inmate deaths, and general conditions, including overcrowding, gang activity and unsanitary conditions.

As this opportunity for community forum presents itself, perhaps it’s a great time to consider the package that is the jailhouse with regards to jurisdictions of leadership or as some people call “stakeholders” in government over and regarding the jailhouse.

Part A.) The Oklahoma City County Jailhouse is having a Citizen’s Advisory Board , at the invitation of the SHERIFF,. https://sheriff.oklahomacounty.org/ WOO HOO!

Part B.) WHO is in place in the current roundtable on the issues of problems and function of the jailhouse?

B-1.) Sheriff P.D. Taylor, PDtay@oklahomacounty.org

B-2.) Oklahoma County Commissioner, District One, Carrie Blumert is one of the people who will be addressing issues with the problems of the Oklahoma County Jail. https://www.oklahomacounty.org/440/Commissioners Commissioner Carrie Blumert facebook announcement:

Citizen’s Advisory Board announcement:

I am excited to share something we have been working on in partnership with our Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office the last few weeks.

Early on in my campaign, Voice OKC contacted me and said they were very interested in being part of a Citizen’s Advisory Board for our jail and Sheriff’s Office. Fast forward almost two years, and here we are!

This spring, we are forming a Citizen’s Advisory Board to better engage citizens in our jail and Sheriff’s office. Regular, everyday people can apply to serve on the board and if chosen, will be privy to information about jail operations, grants, detention practices, patrol, and more. This group will become our public sounding board and help us be more accountable to our community. We are working with the federal Department of Justice to form this group based on a national model that has worked in other counties.

More information on how to apply coming soon! A huge thank you to Voice OKC for helping us get this process going.

B-3.) City Of Oklahoma City, City Manager, because he is over city employees and city issues. Craig Freeman.

B-4.) Oklahoma City County Health Department ? not clear who this rep is.

B-5.) State Mental Health and Addictions or County Advocates Not clear who these reps are.

B-6.) Representatives too of the Courthouse,

B-7.) and I guess things like the Homeless Alliance.

B-8.) Deaths at the jail are listed often as people who have disabilities, elders, Veteran’s and other marginalized people. So not sure where those advocates find a place at the table you might expect to sit together prior to this citizens panel.

Part C.) There have been questions regarding gang activity inside the jail. This is listed as gang activity amongst the inmate population, with no mention of gang activity in government or employment related roles. ( Yes, I meant to say BOTH of those things).

Part D.) How accurate this list of formal relationships to the jailhouse isn’t clear. This list above is different than simply elected officials or people who are involved in advocacy groups on various topics not just the jail, inmates and the jail as an employer.

Part E.) 1.) Oklahoma County jailhouse is under federal scrutiny regarding civil rights violations and those persons involved in those audits do some kind of paperwork reviews, audits and return reports to the federal judge about what is going on, what looks “wrong” and what looks “better”. This group or set of individuals isn’t accessible to the public, and just like the OKDHS issues the case by case look doesn’t happen in this forum it’s on topic. And just like the OKDHS issues there isn’t any contact between the public really and these auditors, who are on mandate, and have federal rules by which they operate. 2.) This watchdog classification is different than those of 3.) state justice reform or 4.) other private organized groups on incarceration.

Part F.) At this point surely you are asking the obvious question of where are the people who are IN the jail in the process? Inmates as consumers, and their loved ones. People who visit the jailhouse as faith representatives, or who are responsible for people who go IN to jail, and then people that come OUT of jail. It is assumed that this group will be at the helm of this community process, but how do you consider whether or not whomever sits on the board is helping if you don’t know who is around already? Are there likely candidates based upon any of the information you just read? What about unlikely candidates? Are you a candidate?

Part G.) It would helpful to see an infographic on this smattering of data as a ramp up for whatever this citizen advisory gift could be.

Part H.) What is the difference between the government you THINK or WISH was in place and what really controls this topic? What is the difference between how the flows of accountability function as cited in government endorsed rules, what goes on daily and intermittently and what needs to be happening to manage both the feeder problems that get people into the jail in number and the stages processing inmates, while they are in and then processing them out. We have a recidivism, frequent flyer problem and some people end up in jail when they simply can’t be served there and don’t belong there.

Part I.)

I- 1.) The other question that probably needs to be entertained in the area media for education is the process of use of MOU. MOU are Memorandum of Understanding and they appear to be controlled for a variety of subjects formally through the Oklahoma County Commissioners.

I-2.) MOU cover mandated topics, but the actual signed MOU isn’t posted when the MOU is through processes and so what you see might be referenced as having been posted in the minutes of the County Commissioner but that may not be the final deal or what is in operations.

I-3.) Minutes for the OCC are published in the BLACK CHRONICLE NEWS PAPER. This is a matter of publishing public record and is not accompanied by comment. The notes are published in a pave, so it’s single spaced without definition of movement from topic to topic and only the required part of the minutes are published?

I-4.) At hand currently in OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA COUNTY are a number of concerns that groups who make decisions then have some among them that with permission to operate in secrecy do make OTHER deals or extenuating circumstances which is done without impunity. And has been SOP Standard Order of Procedure for years.

I am quite sure there are other questions that would help the public lean in to this subject. Having educational forums about what is in place needs to be a core part of media and change processes as this issue progresses. Sharing questions like these might also improve as people try to look at the blueprint and try to conceptualize away from it.

All locations of the Metro OK Library hold one or more copies of Michelle Alexander’s book The New Jim Crow. If you have an interest in this subject and haven’t read this work this would be a good time to invest in that, or watch one of the videos she has made lecturing across the USA as a Civil Rights lawyer, calling for dismantle of the cradle to prison pipeline.

Wellness is a factor that could be simply documented. This is the SAMHSAgov Wellness8 diagram.

This article today, on women incarcerated noted 65% had brain trauma. https://www.theguardian.com/society/2019/feb/06/nearly-65-of-prisoners-at-womens-jail-show-signs-of-brain-injury Other like articles and resources cite various levels of trauma and types of problems it causes. Male and female.

If you’ve never taken a look at this information on the rule of evidence problem of #Unfounding, perhaps now is the time. https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/unfounding-really-something-122017-diana-winslow-msw/

Though you surely know of OKC trips and falls on the way to jail here’s one that explains how to document responses in situations of human violence for better replies. Five part education series on simplifying concerns. https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/diana-winslow-msw-unfounding-project-one-place-diana-winslow-msw/ Report this


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Diana Winslow MSW

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The following Georgia elected  individuals have say over things like GOVERNMENTAL OVERSIGHT +++ YOUTH++++ Health and Human Services and many sit on more than one committee.  ___________________________________________________________________________________________________This list would work for concerns for #OpDeathEaters which is historic child sex abuse issues #KendrickJohnson  Valdosta teen whose death investigation seems to have gone awry OR GaDFCS Concerns regarding Racketeering, Child Custody Defrauding in child sex abuse cases. HHS Cyber Director involvement with advanced child porn manufacturing and procurement.  ++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Renee.Unterman@senate.ga.gov Chair of HHS Committee 

++++++++++++++++bill.heath@billheath.net  Chair of Government Oversight Committee ++++ Tyler.Harper@senate.ga.gov Chair of Public Safety Committee++++++++++++++

jrm2016@yahoo.com Chair of Judiciary Committee==============

==========Dean.Burke@senate.ga.gov  Chair of Ethics Committee************

bill.heath@billheath.net  Chair of Government Oversight+++++++++++++++++++ ******Tyler.Harper@senate.ga.gov Chair of Public Safety +_________________________________________________________________________________________________ gloria.butler@senate.ga.gov ** Judson@judsonhill.com ** greg.kirk@senate.ga.gov **williamligon@senate.ga.gov** fran.millar@senate.ga.gov**  lindsey.tippins@senate.ga.gov **freddie.sims@senate.ga.gov  **horacena.tate@senate.ga.gov** donzella.james@senate.ga.gov ** elena.parent@senate.ga.gov **ben.watson@senate.ga.gov **nan.orrock@senate.ga.gov **steve.henson@mindspring.com  ** bill.cowsert@senate.ga.gov +++++++++++++

++++++++++ Just so you know ALSO the FEDERAL group for GEORGIA over ATLANTA, is now situated in DC, which is interesting because it was in ATLANTA before. SEE THIS every state list of fed contacts for Health and Human Services, Administration to CHILDREN and FAMILIES the CHILDREN’S BUREAU https://www.acf.hhs.gov/sites/default/files/ocse/im_12_02a.pdf++++

THE HEAD of HEALTH and HUMAN SERVICES is sylvia.burwell@hhs.gov . YES REALLY.

Writing and calling in or out of state about ANY STATE quality of life for youth MATTERS and can pull forward responses, but it is like BUCKSHOT, you have to aim at multiple groups who attend the pieces and parts of issues faced by kids, youth, young adults and FAMILIES.++_+

++++++++ Here is the collection of what I am sending about the need for a multi-layer Justice Department Investigation of the Georgia DFCS.  See this progression of information on a thought about child sex abuse problems in Georgia.++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Immediate concerns: Early Summer 2014 South Georgia Conigilo  FBI finds traveling food service salesman molested  various age girls  in residences, hotels, and various locations, potentially their own homes and beds. Parents being asked to identify but no photos made public of suspected victims. THOUSANDS of photos and vids discovered, 7 y span? http://www.fbi.gov/atlanta/press-releases/2014/fbi-seeking-public-assistance-in-identifying-victims-of-suspected-serial-child-predator-in-southeast-u.s 2014 +++++++ DeFoggi the head of HHS Cyber Security  arrested and convicted of participation in an international Child Porn Ring, personally favored snuff films.  http://www.justice.gov/opa/pr/former-acting-hhs-cyber-security-director-sentenced-25-years-prison-engaging-child  This guy over the electronic systems of documentation for HHS for 8 years. January 2015   Public has virtually no rights in this identified DeFoggi risk? Even if problems of interference favoring pedophilic interests seem to be documentable in complaints for years, over multiple states of which GEORGIA is one? http://www.examiner.com/article/culture-of-neutrality-child-porn-conviction-hhs-administration ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ COBB COUNTY COURT gave children to pedophile? http://www.commdiginews.com/life/georgia-court-may-have-given-sex-predator-custody-of-child-victims-19453/#7fQ6RXUdQ0mobPXQ.99 Connecticut HHS and Family Courts under multi-layer federal investigation due to risk of problem investigation and placement and court, favoring abusers, blaming the other parent. +++++++++++++++++++++++ http://www.commdiginews.com/life/dying-for-custody-part-1-doj-announces-investigation-into-connecticut-court-programs-4659/ Historic concerns 2010 Nancy Shaefer   https://vimeo.com/70915823  These complaints began before 2007.

  • Racketeering in records
  •  interference in investigations
  • Incentivism in CPS and Court fees paid at high and doubled rates for child removal to adoptions
  • Mandated reporting has no audience when it comes to civil family court processes
  • Various levels of providers ‘tip’ cases for a result
  • Children seem to end up inexplicably with parents who are named directly in abuse processes

2009 Posig versus McGarrah    http://caselaw.findlaw.com/ga-court-of-appeals/1397399.html  This case began in 2007 or before.

  • Mandated state reporting law used against parents, or providers and does not address abuse suspected or reported.
  • No answer came in change in laws after this case
  • Mom charged with filing false report?
  • Psychologist has been involved in multiple other cases, with similar result, no change in law

My family case, pieces and parts   2008  Georgia THIS psychological was done by a CONTRACTOR< using subjective not objective and approved measures for such an evaluation, while never getting proper consents for what was done  who used a STUDENT to generate a result in court. http://www.examiner.com/article/use-of-contractors-unmonitored-unfettered-renewable-vomiting-of-inaccuracies  PSYCHOLOGIST IN OFFICE IN COBB COUNTY GaDFCS SUPERVISOR appointed from COBB COUNTY. We resided in DEKALB, then FULTON> Reports like this live on despite any oversight from the federal government, these are re-released and the problems begin again OR the fabrications increase. FOR instance, when I asked about the GaDFCS successful prosecution of a racketeering records defraud case, I was refused any service or assistance to Report Resolve Discuss Discover resources Have records TRULY corrected and have falsified complaints resolved, while actively pursuing prosecution of those who made these gross errors possible, and perpetuated for incentives. Fall 2014, I was advised by the Georgia Office of the Child Advocate, that records in GA were in worse shape than previously disclosed, as the NONFAMILY MEMBER SEX OFFENDER who was never investigated or prosecuted, had been processed by the GADFCS as the BIOLOGIC FATHER of my CHILD.  Who did this, when it happened, what circumstances this was posted in and what repercussions in the short and long run of things not disclosed to me. To what end, I do not know. This is abusive, and literally guarantees  the pedophile access to my child. Thanks a lot, in stress or actuality this is inexcuseable. ALL OF IT. Here are some OTHER SYSTEMIC Patterns that might be helpful to understand. Under 15 minutes each, and excerpted as part of a series of my discoveries, What chaos in CPS and FAMILY COURT abuse

Campaign for Clarity, what is the goal?

Campaign for Clarity, what is the goal?

cases can look like http://youtu.be/kDaUjjs60Ik http://youtu.be/VTqMCaX6yhI  EXACT Name of the unethical and human rights violating actions taken by Police and Child Protections Why general CPS audits fail in or out of systems http://youtu.be/wsl5qafUR6g What happens when you go to ACF or OCR OR CB  http://youtu.be/N_vN1aKO1EI

FEBRUARY 02-2015 LETTER TO OKC CITY COUNCIL calling for specific things

EMAIL addresses for the OKLAHOMA CITY COUNCIL are

mayor@okc.gov Mr. Cornett

Campaign for Clarity, what is the goal?

Campaign for Clarity, what is the goal?

ward1@okc.gov  Mr. Greiner

ward2@okc.gov  Dr. Shadid

ward3@okc.gov  Mr. McAtee

ward4@okc.gov  Mr. White

ward5@okc.gov   Mr. Greenwell

ward 6@okc.gov  Ms. Salyer

ward7@okc.gov Mr. Pettis    THIS IS THE AREA OF THE RAPE of 13 AA WOMEN. FYI

ward8@okc.gov Mr. Ryan

 I came to speak to the OKC City Council in AUGUST 2014, and waited five hours for a three minute stint on problems known with the OKC sexual assault response continuum since 2006, untended.
The Mayor and the OKC City Attorney did promise a report.
Now in that I have waited since 2006, I suppose a 7 month wait is not such a big deal, except that this silence is par for the course.
I hope you will take a moment to educate yourself on the general spectrum of this problems. And again, I ask that the City Council 
  1. call for a deadline for this report to be provided to the public before the end of February 2015.
  2. that all policies, customs, laws and MOU regarding OKC sexual assault response which allow the act of UNFOUNDING any crime be  revealed in print, confronted and removed as this is an unethical police reporting or investigative act, which violates Human Rights.
  3. that all policies, customs, laws and MOU regarding OKC sexual assault response which allow the act of WITNESS DEBUNKING in any crime be revealed in print, confronted and removed as this is an unethical police, reporting or investigative act which violates Human Rights. 
  4. that a study, in cooperation with the CDC Injury group be enlisted following the spectrum of infant to geriatric needs regarding sex assault response.
  5. that OKC fund OKCPD membership  in PERF, a police accreditations group which is overseeing BROKEN ARROW one of the top 10 safest US cities
  6. that clarification and audit of failures in my daughter’s case and in the initial referrals of these 13 women be formally audited by a third party,                                                                                                                             preferably PERF http://www.policeforum.org/                                                      and COANET http://coanet.org/                                                                                                                                              and the CDC. http://www.cdc.gov/injury/ and in this conduct a cooperative matrix of service study to discover the need and to improve the structure and nature of response. NOONE is assigned to do this, so I please ask that everyone stop WAITING for SOMEONE ELSE TO COME DO THIS.
  7. That OKC get honest about who is controlling the service spectrum of chronic  and gross duplicate known failures in child forensics and who is in control of the chaos called the Care Center. Care Center is the forensic center receiving children, and was placed on probation for a year in 2006, second to induced chaos in the issues my family faced. NOONE told the public, and noone changed the policy, custom, law or MOU.

David Prater’s office said to do this, NO REPLY NO INVESTIGATION NO RESOLUTION

My family now faces an US Supreme Court case due to fabrications in records from OKDHS GADFCS and fabrications from the Father and his attorney regarding WHERE my child has lived in her lifetime, to the onset of this case.  300-500 pages of records witheld by Judge Lisa Hammond are also a question.

Campaign for Clarity, what is the goal?

Campaign for Clarity, what is the goal?

Under Judge Roger STUART OKDHS entered the sex offender for my daughter a non- family member, into CPS records, CPS Court actions with OKDHS in OKLAHOMA COUNTY  and adoptions records for my daughter, as HER FATHER and has refused to address where or HOW that happened. {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{ No investigation of ANY subject presented to OKDHS or GADFCS, HHS, ACF, OCR or courts has been addressed. {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{ It is remarkable that the HEAD of HHS security from 2008-2014 is a person now convicted of child porn, with a penchant for snuff films. http://www.fbi.gov/omaha/press-releases/2014/former-acting-hhs-cyber-security-director-convicted-of-engaging-in-child-pornography-enterprise This was NOT posted to the public, is NOT on HHS webpages nor is it being addressed as to how this person got such a job, or about the risks inherent to the public having such a person have nationwide access to records of women and children. In other places, you may find also, that there are rules like #unfounding and #witnessdebunking which have allowed systems to crash reports of any sex assault, to refuse, delete, dilute or reorder data entered. date: {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{ July 25, 2013 This letter has multiply been sent to Swinton, without reply. Your name: Diana Winslow Your telephone number (405) XXXXXXXXXXX Your address: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Oklahoma City, Oklahoma XXXX Your attorney’s name: Jim Pearson is the current attorney for the appeal only. Name of judge: Lisa Hammond Court:Oklahoma County Court Name of case and case number: :FD 2011-178 Dear Judge Barbara Swinton, The investigator in David Prater’s office said that I had to write a letter to you regarding Lisa Hammond, because you are her boss. If you are not familiar with the documentary “No Way Out But One”, perhaps you would consider reviewing it, as it is a clear statement of the splits between cps and civil systems and how families are victimized by a lack of a national standard of response. The Uniform Child Custody Act states that a child’s custody hearing is to be held in the home state of the child. JUDGE Lisa Hammond my child’s case to Georgia,despite documented evidence that not only had my daughter documentably spent most of her life in Oklahoma to that point, but also that there was a transfer case of a dud complaint from the OKDHS CPS court that had been held open for more than a year with monthly meetings of no content under Roger Stuart, immediately prior.++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Lisa Hammond failed to deal with the Father, Geoffrey Hoare a non- American citizen never having a financial check, never having an international background check and never addressing the falsehoods in OKDHS records and his application for Guardian Ad Litem Christine Grunlond.++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Rev. Hoare applied for two exact cases in two states (Oklahoma County and Dekalb County Georgia) simultaneously, and as of last Thursday, July 18th, 2013 the US Department of State has made a Hague filing against him and the Office of Diplomatic Services addressing documentation used for obtaining a passport using documents that are not valid. Rev. Hoare obtained Grunlond by lying about his finances, stating he is indigent, and he makes 150.000 annually in one job. He has 3 jobs. He also was never asked to pay child support for the back support (6 years) , and information about him was entered falsely regarding identity in the OKDHS records, also never addressed. Lisa Hammond ordered me to pay him child support. He lives in a million dollar home, drives a BMW and as a priest, denied my child’s existence for 6 years and demanded a paternity test.++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ I only had one partner in the 7 years preceding interactions with him, and had only he as a partner in the year we were together. He cannot say the same. I was introduced to the expression “hearsay upon hearsay” in Lisa Hammond’s court, as she never called for expert testimony, and people who did testify had hearsay upon hearsay as their primary share. Records from other environments were referenced, without those records coming forward or their authors. Lisa Hammond has a conflict of interest with my family for two reasons, Rev. Hoare’s Atlanta Attorney, Mary Margaret Oliver is the Prevent Child Abuse Georgia attorney and Lisa Hammond has close ties with the Oklahoma Prevent Child Abuse Office in this same system++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ APPARENTLY JUDGE ROGER STUART was on the OKDHS REFORM commitee  directly connected to OKDHS and to WES LANE? THROUGH OCCY? ++++++++++++++++++++ And Lisa Hammond was sitting on the administrative panel at the Oklahoma Commission and Youth when my case for my daughter and I was actively under investigation regarding OKDHS misdeeds at the time the case began in Lisa Hammond’s court. Lisa Hammond reported aloud that she “had already heard about this case” upon the opening of the case, which I and others experienced as an expression of pre-deciding the case and dismissive of the immediate process.+++++++++++++++ court minutes is noted that she ( Lisa Hammond) nor Grunlond had read the files related to the case, and Grunlond ( who never met me or my family or my daughter (now 9) was permitted to send my child on to live with her Father. Rev. Hoare audibly said in open court when ask to respond to another question from his table “ I have no need for a child, my wife has no need for a child, my parents have no need for another child” ( regarding my daughter.) The room was full, and fell quiet everyone saw Lisa Hammond look right at him when he said it. Lisa Hammond asked no questions regarding this. She gave my daughter to him anyway, and she never questioned his motive or intent.++++++++++ Lisa Hammond’s court records misspell my daughter’s name. It also shows an ongoing listing of a birthdate one digit off, which now appears before multiple Judges, and apparently is a real, full, fabricated record, approved by OKDHS, whose origins are unknown. Lisa Hammond also told the court reporter that she wanted to “check” records before they were printed for the case.+++++++ There appear to be things in the records omitted, and her reporter could not keep up with what I was saying, and I was encouraged NOT to use a professional vocabulary when testifying.I do not understand why Oklahoma County courts do not employ audio or video taping, as the dual response of taping and transcribing would greatly increase accuracy for everyone.++++++++++++++++++++ Lisa now in a 3rd Appeals process, is hiding these records in her office, from the Oklahoma Supreme Court during this review. Lisa Hammond told my parents and their attorney they were not allowed to continue to pursue cases dually with me, rendering my daughter with fewer and fewer people to ask that her rights and history be accurately acknowledged. I have subsequently received complaints that I am the only person making reports or complaints regarding mistreatment of my child or other issues. Who would speak up if not me? Grunlond can’t she doesn’t know her. If you set me up to fail, I surely will. My parents have been afraid to participate in the Hague filing, because of what LISA told them. Lisa Hammond as with Roger Stuart in the OKDHS court, never called for the Georgia Records, which in all honesty, had there been a Georgia case truly open any records for the case would have been required to be forwarded on an interstate compact, and that did not happen. As a matter of fact, it never happened.+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ solidly noted her deciding actions against me to be regarding those papers she did not read, and did not have. It is rather humorous that papers are wrong… and my daughter who is a brown haired brown eyed white child is listed as an AA male, and a blue eyed blonde female… and at one point my bubbly gifted honor student daughter was referenced as a fecally incontinent 97% autistic without language. Just sayin’. Equally bizarre entries about me, by the way. Lisa Hammond refused motions of any kind from my family, and allowed the Rev. Hoare any and all of his requests. Lisa Hammond rather randomly told me I had to get a psychiatric evaluation. Lisa Hammond had no clinical question or puzzle to solve regarding this, despite numerous request of the court for clarification. Lisa Hammond appears to have no resources within the court system to get a consult. In one session she randomly restricted me with regards to my blemish free 25 year professional career in social work mental health. Lisa Hammond made decisions regarding my case, and dealt me restrictions as if I have personal or mental health problems that I in fact do NOT have. It is fascinating to be accused without evidence, and then told to provide the evidence that is supposedly the fact the case is based upon. I am expected to define a clinical question for a psychiatrist to solve, pay for the consult and the even then Lisa Hammond has the right to refuse what is offered. What is the point of this foray? Ultimately it is misuse of allegations of mental health problems to wound myself personally and professionally. It is merely random violence from the bench. Lisa Hammond is not a physician, and it is illegal for her to dispense a diagnosis or demand that I seek services based upon hearsay and proven inappropriate documents… in content and in quantity. It stuns people who know me and my family that this has happened, and with such a pre-determined strong escort in Lisa Hammond, to take my child from me and deliver her to the Rev Hoare. Lisa Hammond has permitted delays, failed to sign court related papers and basically made it impossible to undo the bizarre things entered into court. I have been advised in the last 24 hours that NO PAPERS exist in Lisa Hammond”s files that designate my parental rights are intact, which in turn implies I have somehow lost my parental rights. Gee wonder when that happened. And with this Hague Act filing, that puts me in something of a horrible position. On a temporary order, Lisa Hammond gave full custodial rights to the Rev. Hoare. Lisa Hammond and Christine Grunlond have both drug out proceedings making it possible for all kinds of bizarre filings and applications from the Father, while I cannot proceed to the Oklahoma Appeals Court to address the problems of the case. So there IS and there ISN’T a case in both states ongoingly. Apparently in cases like this, the more bureaucratic barrage, the more damage the Mother receives. I spend an average of 1-12 hours a day trying to undo the damage done by both Lisa Hammond and Christine Grunlond, and prior to that Roger Stuart and Lee Dickerson. Under Lisa Hammond, my visitation time with my child was repeatedly reduced, though no problems were stated, and therefore no measurable goals emerged and no professionals to monitor. There is no justification for this, it is just the whim of the Father’s current wife. (Who by the way has no parental rights, and is left in charge of my child when she is not dumped in childcare.) If Lisa Hammond cannot define a problem, and cannot reveal how I was a substandard parent or whatever the complaint is, it is fantastic to think that my child does not reside with me….but that she systematically has diluted any family known to my child to substitute for a man who NEVER wanted my child and reiterated that in court. I complied with the State Law that mandated reports must happen in the face of SUSPECTED child abuse. Apparently, that I pointed out systemic errors in investigations, records and procedures and documented findings is a problem. I am not allowed to complain when the process is multiply mishandled. It is insane that I would be punished personally or professionally for full compliance with the law. The fact that there are gross record errors over multiple environments that have been investigated and addressed to the Federal level of all involved agencies, but that courts can still shovel around rumors from those records is completely ridiculous. In my professional practice, there are other cases with which Lisa Hammond has dealt as randomly as ours. Those individuals point out things like use of her office staff for professional child visitation supervision on complex and high risk cases, use of noncredentialled counselors as addictions therapists or child custody evaluators, talking to one party alone and independent of all counsel and failure to obtain confirmed documents for things like income and background checks, completion of certified parenting, domestic violence, addictions and anger classes with verified documentation presented to the court. It concerns me that this and other fairly bizarre things have happened to my family between these two courts, where no evidence was provided, and protocol seemed to serve any whim of the Rev. Hoare. My appeals attorney had to “ chase” both Lisa Hammond and Christine Grunlond down in order to get signatures to process the case to closure MONTHS after we have been out of court. It is impossible to defend my child or my family in a court such as this. And again, I am expected to pay for these services? I am still NOT in the que for the Supreme Court Appeal, because of these two women. I was horrified to see that Christine Grunlond has continued to enter information in the name of my child in Oklahoma courts when I went to look for the records requested by the US State Deparment, Office of Crisis Services related to Child Abuctions. I have complained to Bob Ravitz office, as I have known his secretary since I was a child, and they tell me they can do nothing, and there is no investigative audit for her actions or inactions as the case may be, or the falsified financials that got her on the case. I never consented to her appointment. But perhaps with another sleight of hand from Lisa Hammond, my right over that was mysteriously dissolved as well. My request is removal and prevention of of Lisa Hammond, Christine Grunlond and Roger Stuart or Lee Dickerson from any legal processes related to my self or my daughter, in or out of court. That Lisa Hammond and Christine Grunlond both be investigated by the DA with regards to their actions related to myself and my child. If the preceding actions from the OKDHS Family Court under Roger Stuart and Lee Dickerson that led to this case can also be investigated by the DA, I would request that too. That corrective actions be taken by the State to protect others from them and their random response. That Oklahoma County Court attempt to adopt more nationally approved best practices in family court and not to GIVE CHILDREN TO KNOWN ABUSERS as another Judge from Oklahoma County Court has allegedly recently done. One of the problems with split cases between CPS and Civil courts is that all options for the child to be protected by any investigative process are dissolved and the child is abandoned by the system to be victimized. A US Justice Department investigation has been suggested by every federal group that has touched the information about my family. I suggest it is time to do this. This entire process has been demoralizing and unnecessary, thoughtless and abusive to my family. The Hague filing is merely an immediate example of the extreme stress permitted by the mishandling of this case. Diana Winslow

5 part glossary under one header, for OKDHS failure to investigate SELF

RECORDS HEAD FOR HHS CONVICTED TODAY  of CHILD PORN>  CONVICTION in AUGUST 2014, posted as sentencing TODAY which is 1/4/2015.

So… one of many civil and human rights violations suffered by my family here is a short video which explains why what is in place to “protect” the public in checks and balances, simply cannot.


Each subsequent link below is a glossary of words, terms used in this video.

These are words which are often used in CPS< or Family Court issues from reporting, to investigations to court or other outcomes.






Campaign for Clarity, what is the goal?

Campaign for Clarity, what is the goal?